Our Vision

The vision behind the Custom Made Kid™ Foundation is, first and foremost, to love Jesus every day and make Him known.

As part of that calling, Custom Made Kid™ partners with families in the process of adoption. There are a lot of reasons that adoption might not be someone's call but it is our dream that finances wouldn't be one of those things. To that end, the Custom Made Kid™ Foundation partners with families in three primary ways:

1. Fundraising. Whether this is through events, giving campaigns, or something else, we are open to ways we can help. Custom Made Kid™ is a 501c3 who can help families provide their givers with a tax deduction for their contribution as well as transparency in how the funds are used. The funds raised for a specific family are kept in an account for that family exclusively and adoption-related expenses are paid out of that fund on the family's behalf.

2. T-shirt sales. Sometimes asking for help is hard to do, especially when it comes to money. In an attempt to make that "ask" easier, we allow families to sell our t-shirts to those in their network and keep 100% of the profit (above our cost) to go toward their adoption fund.

3. Interest-free loans, or in rare cases, adoption grants. Thankfully, through the generosity of our regular givers, the Custom Made Kid™ Foundation has a general giving account to help those in need when funds are available to do so. We have created an application process where families can apply to receive funds out of the general giving fund. A Covenant of repayment will need to be signed by each family chosen but no interest will be charged on the loans given.

If you'd like to hear a little bit about what the heart behind Custom Made Kid™ is, directly from our Founder, Amy Metz Williams, you can do so in our Vision video below.

If you'd like to help through a financial contribution, click here to securely donate! Custom Made Kid™ is a 501(c) nonprofit organization. All donations are considered tax deductible. A giving statement will be sent out at the end of each calendar year.