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Episode 3 | Brave Obedience | Abbie Phillips

Episode 3 | Brave Obedience | Abbie Phillips

It's a pretty rare thing for me to meet someone and feel an instant connection.  But instead of two strangers talking, it felt like Abbie and I had been on a hundred coffee dates before our call to record the podcast.  I guess Anne of Green Gables was right when she said, "Kindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think."

There were many things we connected on about the foster and adoption world but I think the greatest similarity we shared was that both of us are prone to letting Fear almost get in the way of God's best for us.  But Abbie said it perfectly when she stated: 

"The next time a big, beautiful, messy, scary opportunity presents itself over my life, I'll consider the joy of my yes first, instead of the safety of my no."

Episode 3 | Brave Obedience | Overview

When Abbie was a little girl, she thought that one day she would grow up and be in the mission field working with children in some way. Little did she know that one day that mission field would actually be her own backyard.

As a young woman, Abbie's path crossed with a special family who had answered the call to foster in their own lives. That relationship ignited a desire in Abbie to also foster one day, she just didn't expect that she would feel the nudge from the Lord to do it while she was still single. But God rarely works the way we expect and Abbie found herself the foster mom of a sibling group of three. Eventually, when restoration of the biological parent relationship proved impossible, the three girls became available for adoption and Abbie proceeded to become their forever Mom.

In episode 3, Abbie and Amy discuss more about Abbie's foster journey, talk about post-adoptive depression, and discuss the things she gets asked most (and the things she wishes she didn't get asked at all)! Abbie's quiet confidence in the Lord shines through in the discussion and is a challenge to all who will listen to follow His call with nothing less than Brave Obedience.
To get in touch with Abbie or to follow her story, you can find her on Instagram at and check out Abbie's article about her adoption journey published on Love What Matters by clicking here.
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