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Episode 2 | Hurry Up and Wait | Kailey Birkeland

Episode 2 | Hurry Up and Wait | Kailey Birkeland

It's been 11 years since Kailey and her husband, Dru, married and quickly began the process of trying to grow their family.  But as friends and family around them saw their dreams of children becoming a reality, Dru and Kailey did not.  Infertility reared its ugly head and the couple found themselves going down the rabbit hole of unsuccessful infertility treatments.

Exhausted and longing to be parents, Dru and Kailey decided together that biology wasn't what was important, God's plan was.  They began to consider and pray about the adoption process, ultimately deciding it was the right direction for them.  After about a year of working with an agency and not being selected, through a friend of a friend, Dru and Kailey ended up being introduced to a birth mother. The adoption of their daughter, Evie Rose, revolutionized their family and, more importantly, increased their faith in God's perfect plan.  As Kailey would be the first to tell you, she would do it all again to have what they have now.  "Cheers to Plan A!" she says. "That was always His plan A for us." 

In the episode, Hurry Up and Wait, we hit on a lot of things!  Kailey talks about their journey through infertility to adoption, her belief that biology is going to be a part of their story, too, and we discuss how sometimes when God seems to be ignoring our heart's desires, He is at work doing something much bigger.  

You can listen to Kailey's episode by clicking here.

To connect with Kailey, you can find her on instagram @kbirkeland.  You can also hear Dru's vocals on a powerful worship song, Jesus You Alone, by Highlands Worship by clicking here.


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