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Episode 1 | Starting with the Adoptee | Kristi Bush

Episode 1 | Starting with the Adoptee | Kristi Bush

At six weeks old, Kristi Bush was adopted out of the foster care system but it wasn't until she reached the age of eight that she was told she was adopted.  This life-altering information was delivered as casually as someone saying, "Will you pass the ketchup, please?" It instantly threw Kristi into the throes of an identity crisis that would last throughout her childhood and into adulthood.  

Since one of the main focuses of the Custom Made Kid™ podcast is adoption, it made sense to begin this podcast journey by seeing adoption through the eyes of an adoptee.   In this episode, Kristi talks about her own adoption journey and offers encouragement to parents wondering how to tell their kids they are adopted.  She also challenges those in an adoptive situation to create a safe and loving environment for kids to be curious and to ask questions about who they are and where they came from.

Click here to listen to Kristi's episode, Starting with the Adoptee.

If you'd like to get in touch with Kristi, you can visit her website at, find her on facebook at, or email her at knbcommuncations at yahoo dot com.  She also runs a page called Crack the Code, which provides parents information on the dangers of social media as well as offers solid advice on how to best protect our children.  

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