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I don't know about you but, as hard as it is sometimes, I'm glad that our God is not in the business of saying "yes" just to say "yes".  I imagine Him as that steady, loving parent who knows what we need or what we don't even if we think we know better.  

He isn't about earning our favor and I definitely don't believe He is worried about conceding victory to us just to make us feel good.  I can’t even begin to tell you number of times I’ve prayed to God with a certain agenda or ending in mind.  So many times I thought I knew what was right – only to realize later how thankful I am that God didn’t choose to do things the way I originally wanted Him to.  His ways are just better.    

There are some things I'm learning or realizing about prayer these days relative to this:

a. Be ok to wait for His "best yes".  Because, I mean, there is yes.  And then there is the YESSIR, praise the Lord, hall-e-lu-yuh Yes.  The one that you'll thank Him for, ohhhh, an eternity for.  

b. Assume His "no" is due to His Kindness somehow. Because why else would He say that? He's our Father, our Savior and our friend. Any other reason doesn't match up with who He says He is.

 c. If He says, "Not yet", try reaaaaaallllly hard to be patient. Simply make yourself revert back to knowing an "a" or "b" is on its way.

The good news to me is that, even in the hard times, He is about showing us who He really is and about doing what is right for us, even if it risks that we misunderstand Him and His intentions in the process.  Sometimes, we pray to the point where there is no "heat" behind our words.  Sometimes we pray until there literally are no words left.  Just whispers.  Maybe even just groanings.

But the key is, keep praying…He will answer.  He promises.

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